Whichever payment scheme you choose, private care pays for the use of the best material, the best laboratories and the most advanced techniques available with no time pressure. Treatment can be carried out on a “pay-as-you-go” basis or we also offer Denplan’s affordable private dental scheme. This allows you to budget for your dental treatment by paying a monthly subscription and avoids the worry of unexpected bills. In addition it provides emergency dental cover worldwide.

Payment is due on treatment carried out on the day, so please come prepared to pay. We accept debit cards, cash and cheques supported by a cheque guarantee card. MasterCard and Visa credit cards are also accepted.

All treatment costs will be outlined prior to treatment commencing.

Please note: all fees are subject to annual review.

Treatment Prices

Initial full consultation

From £78

Exam with Scale

From £65

Routine Examination

From £36

Scale and Polish

From £65

Routine x-rays

£11 each

Periodontal  incl. anaesthetic

£114 (30 min appt)

Emergencies in surgery hours

From £72


Amalgam (metal) filling

From £70

Composite (White) filling

From £78


Routine Extraction

From £130

Upper Wisdom Surgical Extraction

From £180

Lower Wisdom Surgical Extraction

From £250

Root Treatment

Single Root

From £300

Multi-rooted premolar

From £430

Multi-rooted molar

From £540

Apical Surgery

From £420


Immediate Dentures

From £324 per arch

Partial Acrylic

From £540 per arch

Full Acrylic

From £660 per arch

Partial Chrome

From £1140 per arch

Crowns & Bridges

Porcelain Fused Metal (PFM) Crown

From £580

Maryland bridge (Pontic)

From £600

Gold Crown

From £660

Maryland bridge (2 wings)

From £650

Ceramic Crown

From £660


From £630

Conventional bridge

From £600 per unit


Intravenous Sedation

From £216

Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guard (single)

From £95

Sports mouth guard (laminated)

From £120


 From £120


Two Arches


Top up syringes (4)


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